Csaba Pál (HU)

Csaba Pál (HU)

Hungarian artist Csaba Pal’s abstract black and white landscapes reveal a playful sense of life. As he states, his main focus on the unlimited movement of the works: “There are no formal or bureaucratic rules, anyone can do it, the objects can flow freely across the world, it is wonderful”.   

His drawings consist of lines and areas coloured with black and white, contrasting to each other; however, also all the shades in between are present in Csaba’s works, which give them a sense of transparency. Lines are not always the same: thicker ones can be combined with thinner ones, creating dynamics where the spectator can sometimes grasp figurative hints. 

Csaba Pál

Pal uses the paper’s space at its best, and his touch covers the whole surface, sometimes with a chaotic bind of lines who spread across the picture and some others with big black spots who get deformed by the violently blurring outlines. Pal’s abstract paintings remind of seemingly controlled randomness that mostly guides human life: as there are no rules or scientific laws that govern objects, these works show the spontaneity or creative process, which authentically mirrors reality, in the artist’s perspective.

The approach to such chaos is not tragic, but the artist faces it with dreamy and childish playfulness, becoming itself the demiurg of a space with authonome rules that represents the authentic freedom of art.

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