Curtis Morrisson Goldstein (US)

Text written by GHA

In his large, black and white ink-drawings, Curtis Morrison Goldstein depicts the contradictory and often controversial nature of Berlin.

The very large size of the figurative drawings allows the observer to enter the scenery, take part and get lost in the intricate detail.

The choice to use ink as a technique allows the Berlin based artist to show the fragility and expressiveness of the subjects in a simple, undecorated manner.

The characters seem to be absorbed by the hectic life as well as their own inner dialogues, keeping them from interacting and engaging with the viewer.

The focus is the general atmosphere of the urban environment.

Curtis Morrisson Goldstein

Goldstein’s pieces resemble a cinematographic cut, resulting in a dynamic composition that draws the viewer in.
The characters and the perspective appear slightly distorted, almost disfigured by the weight of the city in perpetual motion.
The figures subtly morph into caricatures and show traces of humour and irony. 
The drawings offer somewhat of a comedic relief while addressing an overwhelming issue of today’s cities and their complex reality.

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