Daniel Longo (AU)

Text written by GHA

Daniel Longo’s artworks depict eerie, human-like creatures in unknown, abandoned places.

His large, black-and-white distorted figures are the result of digital sculpting and photography, based on his previous experience shooting theatrical performances and studying composition and light modelling.

The artist presents an unsettling harmony in the arrangement of body parts that merge into dual personalities.

The strong contrast between black and white emphasises the constantly changing, restless yet calm identity of the protagonists, leaving the viewers to mirror themselves.

Daniel Longo

The artist succeeds in combining his fascination for the uneasy with realistic scenarios. Daniel Longo creates a distorted underworld that could be set in the sewers or in a secret, abandoned laboratory for human experiments.
The unrecognisable protagonists in his works can be seen as a reflection of our relationship to the body in general, inviting the viewer to take a non-judgmental look.
Longo’s artworks offer a glimpse into the abyss and question the relationship between the body and judgement.


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