Dima Korma (IL)


Exploring different media and contexts, Korma’s visual constructions reconfigure the space that we all inhabit generating a vibrant and lively atmosphere. With his layered and collage-resemble compositions, the israelian artist achieves an elegant and perfectly balanced combination of colors and shapes.

His visual communication studies in the Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art in Tel Aviv provided him with the necessary tools to interact with the viewer attending to the different ways in which the viewer can be affected by these formal elements.

Korma works with printing techniques and also intervenes in the public sphere from where he absorbs elements of urban art that can be traced in his screen prints. Through the painting of street walls, he renews the daily life of the neighborhood and creates a dialog between the urban architecture and the local people. Among the abstract shapes that Korma shows in his prints,  figurative elements in some of his street art projects find their way in – made in collaborations with other artists – funny animals are depicted in the city walls combined with typography in a comic style.


Dima Korma


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