Dorota Karolewska (PL)

Dorota Karolewska (PL)
Text written by GHA

Polish artist Dorota Karolewska creates colourful figurative intaglio prints. Blue tones and various shades of violet, seductively combined with thin, clear lines, define Karolewska’s formal language.

Flowing female figures inspire reflection on the playfulness of childhood and the responsibilities of adulthood. The contrast between blue and violet seems to create a strong connection with the main characters, revealing elements of their identity in a melancholic and nostalgic atmosphere. In each composition, the colours of the younger or older main female characters differ, creating a fascinating dynamic for the viewer to explore.

Dorota Karolewska (PL)

It is noticeable that the challenges of being a woman are addressed in a very discreet way, inviting the audience to confront their own past. Female protagonists, connected to each other without further interaction with the space around them, either lie in each other’s arms or assume a protective position that can be understood as a commentary on the various aspects of motherhood.  

The absence of any organic forms allows one to relate one’s own feelings and personal experiences to the figures. Vertical lines give height to the etchings and suggest an emerging hierarchy. The duality of human nature is sensitively addressed by establishing a connection to childhood as a common ground.
Dorota’s artwork can serve as a gateway between our inner child and the people we slowly evolve into, or as a reminder of how painful but also spiritually gratifying  growing up can be.

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