Elisa Pellizzari (IT)

Text/Translation GHA

In her expressive etchings Pellizzari explores the dynamics and strength of chiaroscuro, digging into the essence of the reality around us.

Elisa Pellizzari works include intaglio, drawing and artists book editions. The Italian graphic artist is interested in the world of lines, with its dynamics and its potential that she investigates using different media.

Through her investigation of dismantling the relation between darkness and light  embedded in techniques such as intaglio and engraving, the artist finds her way to explore her individuality and dig into the essence of a minimalized reality that surrounds her. 

Pellizzari’s works embrace sharp contrasts and defined lines, in raw expressive images that catch the eye by creating landscape-like scenarios. The artist invites the viewers to get lost in that space she offers to explore their own identity and reality that is surrounding them, inspired by the artist’s introspective images. Pellizzari’s works inspire the viewer to follow the artist on her journey , to investigate and discover their own invisible place within. 


Elisa Pellizzari


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