Erna Kuik (NL)

Text written by GHA

The coloured linocuts by Dutch artist Erna Kuik visualize the relationship between protagonists and texts with a clear graphic approach, familiar from posters and advertisements from earlier times. 

Graceful female figures with contented expressions lie in an embrace of bright colours, in harmony with their surroundings. Words circle around them, taking shape as sentences, voices, advises.

Who is speaking and whose thoughts are being projected?  The displayed texts invite the viewer to enter the narrative of the prints, even the minds of the protagonist and start a dialogue with them. This playfulness could become a game in which each viewer can participate in different ways. The viewer may also reflect on the interrelation of words and intellectual content created by a certain sequence of lines, curves and dots. 

Erna Kuik (NL)

The text expands the narrative while becoming an integral part of the scenario. The seemingly continuous, comic-like dialogues invite the viewer to participate.

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