Ernesto Alva (MX)

Text Translation GHA

In his abstract works, Alva explores the formal qualities of surface such as texture and materiality. A dialogue between the whole and the void is revealed through labyrinth-shapes.

Ernesto Alva is deeply interested in the quality of the surface and of the matter. Alva’s artistic research focuses on confrontations between opposite sides. Most of all, the artist explores the correlation between whole and empty, light and darkness, chaos and order. Moreover, Alva explores the conciliation of signifying and significance which, for him, represents the meeting with the presence. Alva has developed his whole artistic practice on the border between the marked line and the stain of color.

The patterns and design created by the artist enclose a conceptual narration, made of impulse and causality, in an effort to depict reality, evoking images the artist perceives during his life. Alva starts his creative process with primary elements, such as shape, color and texture. Choosing the elements, the artist manipulates  them to design a repetition and create weaves and labyrinths in sequences that embrace several meanings in an abstract context. In his abstract graphic works, Alva designs labyrinths of lines and color to reveal the dialogue between whole and void.

Ernesto Alva


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