Eva Aulmann (DE)

Eva Aulmann (DE)
Text written by GHA

The etchings of German artist Eva Aulmann portray reserved figures, captured in mournful contemplation. Their layered and duplicated features offer a distorted and almost nightmarish complexion.

Sketched melancholic figures emerge from an unruly network of lines, their faces quietly expressive. The abundance of detail in the linework juxtaposes the minimalistic background, guiding the viewer’s gaze to the figures’ intricate, soulful eyes. The same lines that constitute the figures reach across the background, merging them into a blurry dynamic. This turbulence leaves the impression that the prints represent the vague memory of a face, caught in a moment of deep reflection.

Eva Aulmann (DE)

Aulmann’s characters appear as if they are wandering on deserted streets. Since they are drawn in a fleeting yet precise manner, it feels as if the viewer catches a quick but intense glimpse of the figures passing by. There is a distance between the two, which enhances the impression that the audience and the figures are strangers to each other. It leaves the viewer with the feeling of recognising that an outsider is in distress, even though they feel too uncomfortable to reach out and help. The viewer is left to question how to bridge the gap between stranger and ally.
The prints evoke a curiosity about the unknown past of the people who we cross paths with,  as they form a brief yet touching impact on our lives. It permits the viewer to wonder about each other’s experiences, emphasising the peculiar awareness that each person has their own perspective and narrative, capturing a sense of loneliness in our individuality. 

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