April 2012 DE

German – Danish Exhibition

11.4.2012 – 26.5.2012
Takuya Kurihara (DE/JP), Julia Sand (DE) & Poul Weile (DK)
It is with great pleasure that Galleri Heike Arndt DK invites to a new German – Scandinavian exhibition, this time with Danish participation. In our second exhibition in 2012, we show figurative bronze sculptures by artist Poul Weile (DK), cartoon-inspired collages by Julia Sand (DE) and subtle acrylic paintings by Takuya Kurihara (DE / JP). All of the art works is in different ways satirizing everyday life.

Poul Weile
Poul Weile is a recognized Danish sculptor. In a post-modern manner Poul Weile mixes different materials and expressions in his work. With a touch of irony the works reflect everyday life. A central theme for Poul Weile is the human body. In his sculptures as well as in his collages the often erotic figures are inspired by mythological tales and express human states of mind.

Julia Sand
The work of the German artist Julia Sand thematizes how mass production attempt to continuously create material needs. When looking at Julia Sand’s large collages, the viewer is confronted with the omnipresent roaring commercials and their chaotic aesthetics. The apparently trivial everyday life is often the main motive of Julia Sand’s work.

Takuya Kurihara
In his acrylic paintings Takuya Kurihara investigates our human universe through lines and colours. His paintings arouse the viewer’s curiosity through their wealth of details, and the viewer is sent on a voyage of discovery. Like a kaleidoscope new shapes and forms constantly appear before the viewer’s eyes. In Takuya Kurihara’s drawings the fine lines appear to be almost floating in the air – here the artist’s Asian roots become visible.

Poul Weile (DK) 6
Julia Sand (DE) JUSA1

Takuya Kurihara (JP:DE) TAKU9