German – Norwegian exhibition

19.10.2011 – 20.11.2011
Karina Herteig (NO), Stephan Groß (DE) & Kari Aasen (NO)
Galleri Heike Arndt invites you to a new German-Scandinavian exhibition. We are very proud to introduce for the first time two Norwegian artists in our presentation of Scandinavian art. We are also happy to introduce the German artist Stephan Groß, who is exhibiting his photo collages in the gallery for the first time.

Karina Herteig (NO)
Experimental and playful shapes in different materials are the center for the renounced Norwegian artist Karina Herteig. The works in her series always have a common base, which is then individually processed and varied in different materials. The inspirations from her travels around Asia combined with her Scandinavian roots are clearly seen. She is never limited by a material; on the contrary Herteig invites the viewer in to her playful worlds of shapes and surprising surfaces.

Kari Aasen (NO)
The interaction between shape and color is crucial to the Norwegian ceramic Kari Aasen’s aesthetic. The organic, poetic and vulnerable expressions are important characteristics for Aasen. During the last years she has been travelling around China and the impacts have influenced her works. Chinese technique and form combined with Kari’s own ability to fantasize about the world, shows an artist who is in a constant development. The combination of Aasen’s aesthetic and subtle work titles leads the viewer in to a poetic and almost timeless world. In September she was honored with the silver medal at the GICB 2011 in Korea.

Stephan Groß (DE)
The German artist Stephan Groß portrays both beauty and the darker side of life. His colorful photo collages show different realities. Groß makes way for afterthought by giving the beautiful and the harsher side of life equal space. This creates a dynamic between the underlying themes and the composition itself. The works are disturbing, seducing and attractive at the same time.

Karina Herteig (NO) 2

Kari Aasen (NO) 3
Stephan Gross (DE) STGR5