3 x Telefon, Öl auf Leinwand, 61 x 100, 2008

Hans Ticha (DE) “Selection”

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We kindly invite you to our exhibition opening April 2nd 2014 at 7 pm.
Until May 31st 2014.

About the exhibition
Galleri Heike Arndt DK proudly presents “Selection”, a dedication to Hans Ticha’s work. This exhibition shows a rare collection of graphic works, drawings and oil paintings from the 1970s until today. In his artwork, he focuses on German society and the role individuals are playing in it.
Hans Ticha Eishockeyspieler I, Öl, 100 x 60 cm, 1971
Hans Ticha’s Work
Hans Ticha describes in his works the divided and later united Germany.

His criticism of current society, expressed in these colorful works with central figures often depicted having grotesquely large hands and small faceless heads, are important comments to today’s public discussions.

Hans Ticha’s works contain a wealth of historical references, ranging from the great political scene to the individual citizen’s daily life.

With several generations growing up with his illustrations, Hans Ticha has a large portfolio of amazing graphic and original works and more than 90 illustrated books.

The sharp irony in his timeless paintings, drawings and graphic prints proves him as an excellent observer and reaffirms his relevance to present society.
Recently the National Gallery in Berlin bought one of his pieces, “Deutsches Ballett” from 1984, for their collection, stating his growing recognition in the German art world.
Hans Ticha
We consider Hans Ticha as one of the most important German contemporary illustrator of our time, he is his own and he never compromises.
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