Hans Ticha (DE)


Hans Ticha is one of the most important contemporary german graphic artist and illustrator who have experienced and described the last 50 years of Germany’s daily life and history through his artworks. The human is the central figure in Ticha’s works often with grotesquely enlarged hands and small faceless heads.

The ironic comments in the artworks to the self-image of the DDR’s regime act as qualified complements to gain insight into the German history and present, as seen through Hans Ticha’s sceptical and critical eyes.

With his oil paintings, Hans Ticha delivers a first-hand narrative of how it was to live in a divided Germany during the struggle of ideologies. The artist lived until the fall of the Wall in East Germany and moved immediately thereafter to West Germany.

Hans Ticha

Known for his amazing graphic works and more than 60 book illustrations, Ticha’s social criticism becomes no less snappy when he is adjudicating the symbol of the Western society of the DDR youth organization, the blue shirt, which had been replaced by the bare skin while the brother kisses became kisses from Ferrero. His paintings contain a wealth of historical references, which range from the great political scene to the individual citizen’s daily life during and after the regime. Interesting parallels can be drawn to the present Danish society.

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