Guillermo Manzanares (ES)

Text written by GHA

The focus of Guillermo Manzanares’ small scale, figurative works is the human figure and its interaction with light.

As a result, the images appear almost photographic. The Spanish artist isolates certain fragments of the body and seeks to explore their evocative and symbolic qualities.

His preferred medium is oil paint, allowing him to work in fine detail. Manzanares’ paintings are characterised by high contrast and clear, symmetrical composition.

His approach is figurative and highly realistic, but he consciously demonstrates a contemporary take on a centuries old technique.

Guillermo Manzanares

The paintings result as poetic and suspenseful, embedded with symbolism. The depicted fragments of the human body exude sensuality, they touch upon one another, forming a subtly sexual loaded connection between two depersonalised figures.Without traces of an assigned identity, the human body becomes only a symbolic presence.
The viewer is drawn into the ambiguous convergence of mythology and contemporaneity. We see a clear reference to the motif of rebirth, which is hinted at through the title as well. Manzanares plays with suggestive and mythological elements, giving his piece a still yet powerful and slightly provocative appearance.


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