Herman Noordermeer (NL)


Herman Noordermeer is a dutch artist, who has been dedicated to art for many years. While focusing mainly on lithography, his works are based on a constant development of drawings and notes, used for his future artworks.

Noordermeer’s prints are harboring several statements. First of all, they are based on the process of self-examination. He depicts in his lithos the parts of his body, exposing his inner self to the audience and hereby achieving a certain transgressive process.

Most of the time, his lithos and paintings are reflections of his mind, but he doesn’t limit himself to introspection only. In his artworks he also implements elements from flora and fauna. Here, the central point for Noordermeer isn’t the beauty of nature, but it’s impermanence. Visualising his self-exploration in his prints, he addresses an interaction between mortality and immortality. By investigating the image of himself he lets the viewer be part of his inner journey. His lithos are based on layering – these different layers tend to emphasize the hidden characters to be discovered by the viewer.

His latest lithographs are part of his project that started in 2015, intended to make 100 different prints connected to one topic, 78 of which have been finalized.

Herman Noordermeer


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