Ian Liddle (UK)



British painter and graphic artist Ian Liddle creates colourful, dynamic artworks characterized by an almost abstract method of portrayal. Combining techniques, he composes layered images with complex meaning.

Liddle is a multidisciplinary artist whose works share the use of vibrant colours to create figurative multi-layered paintings.

At first glance, his artworks may appear chaotic due to their visual intensity. Liddle achieves this effect by using non-naturalistic colours and expressive strokes, often layered in opposite directions.

These techniques create a sense of dissonance and movement that contribute to the dynamic effect of Liddle’s art. The subjects in his artworks emerge from intricate patterns of colours as fractured and distorted images composed of overlapping elements.

Ian Liddle

Since the outlines of Liddle’s figurative subjects are challenging to define, the viewers are pushed to look closely to discover the multitude of underlying shapes and meanings of each art piece. As Liddle’s art unravels for the patient observer, macabre elements often surface from his paintings; skulls, for example, tend to be a recurrent motif in his art.

Moreover, Liddle achieves an overall unsettling impression by distorting the outlines of the figurative elements and by using non-naturalistic colours. Therefore, his artworks appear grotesque and in certain cases can be interpreted as dystopian realities due to the presence of pop-culture and political references. His graphic works especially tend to be overtly political, exploring themes connected to consumerism and commodification of people.

The oversaturation of colours, techniques and subjects in each piece creates an exciting journey for the audience. The viewers are faced with complex multi-layered artworks whose buzzing dynamic impressions are counterbalanced by their highly aesthetic use of colours. 

Liddle’s works span over a multitude of disciplines including collage, a technique that lends itself particularly well to the creation of multilayered images.

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