Ingrid Simons (NL)


Ingrid Simons is a multidisciplinary visual artist from the Netherlands. As a graphic artist, she primarily works with lithography, silkscreen and toyobo prints.

In her shiny silkscreen prints Ingrid Simons transcends the felt energy of the land. She focuses here on reconstructing a new, physicalized reality through her art process.

The series of Ingrid’s graphics are filled with dynamic, explosive energy but yet peaceful atmosphere. The yellow and orange tones of the prints mirror the shiny light, while the captured wild landscapes balance the graphics with the sense of grounding. Simons’ colourful and vibrant works possess a peculiar sublime intensity that captivates the viewer when observed. Depicted landscapes encourage the audience to slow down the ongoing chaos of the mind and invite them to listen more carefully to nature, allowing, in this way, to achieve a peaceful state of mind.

Simons’ engagement in artmaking is her contribution to the historical narrative of landscape representation. The result is a highly personal language in her silkscreen, using restricted colors and defined atmospheres. The created landscapes become expressive spaces themselves .

Ingrid Simons


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