Isis Gasparini (BR)

Isis Gasparini (BR)

Video artist Isis Gasparini experiments with the dimensions of time and place in her works. She explores movement, body, and light and combines different mediums such as performance and video.

Gasparini’s attention to choreographic and architectural elements enables her to depict enigmatic scenery in her videos. Atmospheric  landscapes with dark colours or fast body movements are captured, highlighting the power of the specific moment and scenery. 

In her very gloomy and dramatic “Red” series, the polarity of colors creates a deep and ethereal environment, by documenting the red sky, dark trees and white snow. The  slowed down pace through the use of slow motion presents the viewer with time to reflect and also to emerge in the moving landscape.

Isis Gasparini

Synchronous, the pace of the video is transmitted through the fast passing street lights,  leaving bright flashes. The moving images appear almost identical and repeatable, creating an ongoing hypnotised motif. Gasparini’s videos are based on fast motion, where nothing is still and at the same time everything is a constant repetition of itself.

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