Izabela Kucharska (PL)

Izabela Kucharska (PL)

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Polish artist Izabela Kucharska’s etchings capture scenes inspired by her experience with mural painting, as well as the people that she worked with, in a way incorporating an element of street art in her printmaking.

The mostly monochromatic pieces are supported by splashes of color, giving them a somewhat playful character. Kucharska’s fine lines and carefully crafted details, together with the mathematical formulas incorporated in her works and her subject’s concentrated expressions, show the attention to detail that goes into the artistic practice of mural painting.

The artist includes both whole figures and individual details in her prints, portraying and emphasizing what she deems important without being bound by realistic perspective and giving a sense of movement to the works.

Izabela Kucharska (PL)

The scenes presented feel as if they’re unfolding right in front of the viewer, in a fascinating montage of close up and wide shots. Having worked with mural painting has clearly influenced Kucharska’s practice and provided inspiration for her as a graphic artist.

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