Jana Jacob (DE)

Text written by GHA

The figurative paintings of Jana Jacob explore the sensitivity experienced through human touch. While consistent in her technique and her affinity towards acrylic, the artist’s focus oscillates between portrait and its fragments. 

The Berlin based artist develops a silent but powerful poetics, using the skin as a subject as well as a metaphor.

The skin not only represents our experience of embodiment, it also becomes our relational space.

The surface of our bodies is where empathy occurs. It is the barrier that separates us from other bodies but also the means through which we connect and relate to them.

Jana Jacob

The artist observes closely and frames bodies in a way that dissolves the boundaries between them, engaging the observer in an intimate exchange. The small yet powerful pieces require proximity, emotional as well as physical, subtly inviting us to look closer.
Through her realistic approach, she depicts the subject in an honest and open way, the works allow us to empathise and relate to the subject. The loss of differences at the level of skin opens an intimate and vulnerable perspective to the viewer. 


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