Janne Laine (FI)

Janne Laine (FI)
Text written by GHA

Finnish artist Janne Laine gives life to ethereal landscapes in his captivating black and white polygravures; enshrouded in fog and imbued with an aura of mystery that evoke feelings of solitude and melancholy.

Laine’s work is characterised by his use of landscape as a powerful narrative element. The landscapes are often shrouded in a thick, enigmatic fog, creating an eerie and dreamlike atmosphere. Within this ambient veil, one can discern hauntingly familiar elements. Electricity columns stand as remnants of human intervention in a seemingly desolate world. The bare trees, with their stark branches reaching for an unseen sky, transcend a profound sense of solitude and transience. 

Janne Laine (FI)

The fog in Laine’s polygravures acts as a natural texture, one that is constantly shifting and evolving. It obscures details, blurs lines, and softens edges. This obscurity introduces an element of mystery and ambiguity into his landscapes. It’s as if the fog itself is a silent storyteller, hinting at hidden narratives and secrets concealed within the shrouded landscape. Viewers are invited to engage with the artwork on a more profound level, as they must fill in the gaps left by the fog with their own imagination and experiences.

Traditionally, negative space is often seen as an absence, a void left untouched by the artist’s hand. However, in Laine’s work, the negative space becomes an atmospheric presence. The fog inhabits this space, creating a sense of atmosphere and mood that is palpable to the viewer. It’s no longer an empty expanse but a living, breathing entity that interacts with the landscape elements. As viewers gaze into the misty depths of his compositions, they may find themselves contemplating the hidden stories that lie within.

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