Johannes Vandenhoeck (FR)

Text/Translation GHA

In his dark pattern based mezzotints Vandenhoeck implements trees and pine cones that appear repetitively questioning our relation to nature.

Born in Nevers in 1949, engraver and photographer Johannes Vandenhoeck is also a Visual Arts teacher.Vandenhoeck’s “Manière noire” technique empowers contrasts when focusing on the interrelation between light and darkness. He sometimes creates almost a sense of movement that can be seen through the fallen pine cones.

His prints are representing defined elements of nature. These elements become clear messages that Vandenhoeck wishes to send to the observer that nature’s fecundity functions as a supply chain for us.Provisions of wood for winter, and pine cones fallen to the ground are depicted in every single detail.  These natural elements could symbolise that everything we need to live comes from nature.

Johannes Vandenhoeck

This power of Nature is clearly represented by a trio of connected big bark trees seeming to behave as longtime wisemen companions. They almost look like impersonating respectful elders, knowing each other for a long time. Vandenhoeck’s prints remind us to care, discover and respect Nature. 

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