Kari Aasen(NO)

Kari Aasen (NO)

The interaction between shape and color is important in the Norwegian ceramicartists Kari Aasen’s aesthetic. The works’ organic, poetic and vulnerable touches are characteristic for Kari Aasen. During the last years she has been travelling around China and this has influenced her works. Chinese technique and form combined with Kari’s own ability to fantasize about the world, shows an artist who is in a constant development. The combination of Kari Aasen’s aesthetic and subtle work titles leads the viewer in to a poetic and almost timeless world.

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Kari Aasen (NO) 2

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Kari Aasen is a Norwegian artist with a wide range of experience within performs her art. Primarily, in her hometown Bergen, but also outside of Norway. She has for instance exhibited her work in Gallery Pickled Art center and at Dashanzi in Beijing in 2006. Kari Asen makes sculptures out a variety of different types of clay, however she does expeperiment with other materials. The interplay between form and colours is a crucial factor for the work of the Norwegian artist. Chinese technique and the mode of expression mixed with Karis way to seize the world around her, witnesses about an artist who is in a constant progress. For instance, in September 2011 she won a silver medal at the GICB in Korea. What defines her work is the way a holistic mode of expression and the nature becomes alive. Thematically, she is concerned with time and perishability.