Katsiaryna Dubovik (BY)

Text written by GHA

Katsiaryna Dubovik’s colourful and evocative linocuts explore disturbing themes of war and suffering. Through an unpretentious and authentic approach, the artist reveals intimate fragments of her characters’ lives afflicted by misery and loss.


The Belarusian artist’s works feature solitary figures standing in abandoned places, such as winter landscapes or fields overflown by warplanes, or a sandbox turned into a graveyard. These scenarios thus illustrate war, death, destruction and torment.
The subject matter is often complemented by a cold and sombre colour palette, while at other times it contrasts with warm hues and a seemingly childlike depiction.

Katsiaryna Dubovik

One of the striking aspects of her linocuts is undoubtedly the sincere and caring approach to her topic. The depiction seemingly suggests a childlike perspective and an emotional involvement, which broadens the viewer’s perception and deepens the narrative itself.

Dubovik’s prints treat these highly delicate and still topical themes with great respect and empathy, aiming to discover the human condition and its loss in war, while engaging the viewer emotionally.

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