Keith D Buswell (US)

Text /Translation GHA

In his delicate etchings Buswell confronts geometrical shapes interacting with fragile plants that seem to fight for survival.

Keith D Buswell is an American artist. Born in 1979, he is highly influenced by biodiversity and his artworks reflect a deep connection to Nature. The American artist finds it fundamental both to represent and entitle some of the places where he already has been. He asserts: “That is why it is important for me to immortalize areas where I have a connection, somewhere I’ve lived or visited” (Buswell, 2020).

Keith D Buswell


When looking at the scenery, shown in his prints, threatened trees with their big roots cling strongly to the geometric figures, fighting for survival. In particular, Buswell’s trees seem to communicate and to help each other even if they are portrayed one by one. All together, they strive for life as if they were individual creatures belonging to a larger forest.

The plants appear delicately from the slightly coloured background. Mostly leafy trees sometimes fruits or localities are implemented at the centre of the illustrative scene. These are individual symbols that embrace community, intricacy, and liveliness.

He creates a new language using metaphors such as plants and geometric forms to describe the interaction and challenge between current society and Nature.

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