Kyle Chaput (US)

Text/Translation GHA

Chaput’s art confronts chaotic and conflicting aspects of life. Broken vessels appear in his compositions forcing us to continually question our sense of place and inner stability.

Kyle Chaput is an American artist and art teacher. The experience of seeing and living art from the perspective of a teacher led Chaput to understand the importance of the single elements of art and their role within the creative process.

Chaput’s work reflects the artist’s attempt to investigate and reveal the internal struggles implied in living with a chronic illness. Chaput points out chaotic and conflicting aspects of those who are defined as border lives.

Kyle Chaput

 The American artist’s works depict unusual and unpleasant sites in ashen still lives that reflect a broken and sour condition within an alienated community of the Rio Grande Valley, a region in South Texas.

The vessels depicted in Chaput’s woodcuts pierce through the artist’s subconscious thoughts, making him question his own sense of place and inner stability. In the same way, the broken, run-down vessels tend to push the viewers to reflect on the topics proposed by the artist and to associate the displeasing images to their own life experiences.

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