Ladakorn Puangbubpha (TH)

Ladakorn Puangbubpha (TH)

Puangbubpha’s etchings picture scenes of dark fantasy. Extremely detailed creatures are portrayed in an unusual scenery, creating a captivating magical environment. In each piece, the setting is the same: what appears to be a room in a house is transformed into an enchanted garden, with creatures ranging from flying whales to a fish with a bird’s head.

Τhe scale is very important in these environments, embracing even more the surrealistic atmosphere. The artist enlarges some elements or animals to draw more attention to the main subject and also to give more power to small animals, pointing aslo their supernatural power in this world.

In Puangbubpha’s magical sceneries, dark colours are dominant, thus the mysteriously supernatural world is enhanced. These colours also bring an overall union to the pieces, merging all these different elements into an overall harmony, which makes the works pleasing to the eye. In the general dark environment, small colour details are added to highlight some elements, perhaps declaring even more their supernatural powers. 

Ladakorn Puangbubpha (TH)

This magical world is conquered by flora and fauna with surrealistic details, where the human presence is eliminated. The civilised human traces are only noticeable in the architecture and the decoration of their interiors, where furniture and other human – made objects showcase the owner’s cultivation, such as a piano. All the above exude a sense of abandonment and an uncanny feeling, which is frightening but at the same time is exciting. An unusual perception of the world is unfolding before the viewer’s eyes, where nature floods everything human creating an eerie and mystic beauty.

In general, this fascinating sphere brings a dynamic impression about nature and its living beings, highlighting in the most delicate way their hidden metaphysical aspects. Also, showcases the power of nature and how it can dominate the human constructed world in a beautiful but also dystopian way.

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