Lorenzo Davitti (IT)

Lorenzo Davitti (IT)
Text written by GHA

Lorenzo Davitti moved from figurative to more abstract works by now. Also, here he uses bright colors and shapes in his screen prints to create clearly structured abstractions that go far beyond the purely decorative. Horizontal lines create patterns reminiscent of an ocean view.


The Italian artist’s conceptual prints are mesmerizing and soothing. The softness of the prints created by the sensitively composed movement of lines and the delicate selection of a vibrant colour palette. Warm colors, complemented by greens and blues, are a recurring pair in his work. The unpretentious restraint seems to be a refreshment to the viewer’s eyes. 

Lorenzo Davitti (IT)

Without providing an intentional narrative or interpretation, Davitti offers the viewer a delightful game to participate in, exploring and interpreting the prints or simply immersing themselves in their “symphony.” The structure of the lines can be reminiscent of a moving ocean, ribbons, or what the viewer sees, feels, or thinks about. The liberating essence is in their abstraction.

In his work, Davitti seems to combine precise, careful planning and intuition. The viewer is invited to explore and appreciate the beauty and balance of his unique renderings. 

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