Louise Villa (SE)

Louise Villa (SE)

Louise Villa is a Swedish artist who focuses her artistic research on the appearance of differently shaped female bodies placed at the center of the composition.

She paints very detailed faces where the enticing and serious gaze of the woman attracts the attention of the viewer. The overall atmosphere is vague as the outlines of the bodies are undefined and almost disappearing, blending with the background. 

The brushstrokes and the colors used create a shiny and bright emphasis on the figures. Louise Villa is well known for using the sgraffito technique, which is helping her reveal the different layers of colors underneath the surface. This painting technique can be seen as a way to explore the inner reality of her beautiful women and not only stop on the surface.

Louise Villa

The contrast between shadows and lights in Louise Villa’s artworks is only slightly visible, as the artist is mostly focused on using multiple colours and patterns. The absence of more defined contrast can be seen particularly in the two-dimensional reality of the figures that are connected to the background.

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