Luca Granato (IT)

Luca Granato (IT)
Text written by GHA

“Italian multimedia artist Luca Granato is known for his minimalist aesthetic, which seamlessly combines static and dynamic elements in his works, as in his video ‘HOEING THE SEA’. This work encourages reflection on human interaction with nature and forces the viewer to reconsider their perspective and the values associated with it. .”

THOEING THE SEA’ offers the viewer no visual escape routes and forces him to be almost painfully patient when a strenuous, repetitive human action is combined with the gentle but constant force of nature. The waves incessantly wash over the protagonist’s legs as he struggles against the water. The human movement is senseless and exhausting, while the sea is vast and undisturbed and surrounds the figure. In the minimalist aesthetic, static and dynamic elements merge seamlessly, creating a looping effect. The fixed frame captures a moving but monotone landscape bathed in a white and blue colour palette.  Straight horizon lines divide the scene into horizontal sections, each dominated by natural elements such as the sea and clouds, which remain anchored in the frame despite their movement.

Luca Granato (IT)

These components evoke a meditative, contemplative state, which is intensified by the sound of the waves. The isolation of the figure stands in stark contrast to the vivid expanse of the landscape, and there are no visual distractions in this video sequence, forcing the viewer to wonder what the depicted struggle entails. The video explores the theme of human interaction with nature, questioning the infinity of nature and our role in it. 
Granato explores this theme further in his broad material practice, often manipulating materials to reflect the destructive nature of humanity. Granato’s work gives the viewer a broad context, extending the contemplative journey beyond the confines of the specific video.

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