Łukasz Koniuszy (PL)

Łukasz Koniuszy (PL)

Lukasz Koniuszy’s black and white intaglios show abandoned, seemingly forgotten places. The depicted urban, monumental buildings and the stories behind them are captured through a sensitive, almost realistic approach.

Although his depiction is seemingly realistic, he presents a somewhat unrealistic scenery, isolated from humanity and out of touch with the reality of space and time. In the silence of the walls stretching into infinity, one might find peace and reassuring order.

Koniuszy takes a classical and delicate approach to his reading of spaces and buildings, filling them with mystery. The enormous scale of the buildings and the play of dark shades convey a seemingly unreal sight. The captivating stillness and vastness of the depicted space offer the viewer the reassuring experience of becoming a “diminutive” observer.

Łukasz Koniuszy (PL)

  He uses a variety of intaglio techniques including etching, aquatint, and drypoint while crafting his prints with great care and attention to detail.

Koniuszy’s works stimulate the imagination and invite the viewer to discover the secrets of the unique urban world depicted, presenting seemingly abandoned yet peaceful and quiet constructions.

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