Marco Trentin (IT)

Text/Translation GHA

Marco Trentin is a young Italian artist who dedicates himself mostly to woodcut and chalcography.

He creates woodcuts that tend to manifest the criticism of the existent, bringing up topics of humanity, military and religion. In his large-format black and white woodcuts the artist raises a social discourse and invites the viewer to rethink the personal position towards the forces that try to govern us daily, both internal and external.

Trentin depicts historical situations, where people take part in massive movements and protests. Some of the protagonists are portrayed as bigger than others on purpose, in order to empower the meaning that is intended to be transmitted.

One of the most frequently presented topics in Trentin’s artworks is war. Various attributes of war, such as arms, tanks and soldiers are implemented in a dynamic composition with large figures of leaders and destroyed houses in the background. The picture appears extremely expressive and somehow chaotic, provoking the viewer to participate in the represented collectiveness. The artist sticks to black and white colours referring to the old reportajes or documentations of the historical events.

Trentin states that human feelings are the key to our identity and our path in the world. Based on this belief, he creates emotionally intense artworks that challenge the humans’ will to change and manifest a desire for profound progression.

Marco Trentin


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