Marta Śliwiak (PL)

Marta Śliwiak (PL)
Text written by GHA

Polish artist Marta Sliwiak makes colorful flat prints, using kitchen lithography, drawing stencil and intaglio as her main techniques. Her compositions are dominated by geometric shapes, mainly round and sharp objects covered with bright colors.

Realistic and landscape-like objects coexist with childlike forms that merge in an austere context. The figures fade into the background and open up to negative space.  

Her lithographs glow in a recurring, strong red that is central to the works. The primary red creates strong visual contrasts between the engraved motifs. With her line work, Marta adds multiple dimensions and textures to her prints.

Marta Śliwiak

Lines of varying widths and directions encourage the viewer to delve deeper into the composition, and the soft light stands out clearly from its roughly textured surroundings through delicate shading. As the viewer delves deeper into the artwork, the textures become more apparent, sparking a subtle fascination with each glance.
Abstract forms exist within strict shapes, creating different visual layers that offer the viewer a comprehensive experience. Ambiguous yet geometrical shapes introduce the viewer to a world where fluidity and structured forms exist in harmony. 

Light is the main subject, depicted in many different occasions.  It is highlighted by the lack of background, which  is the strict surface that supports all subjects, who seem to be floating, reminding the viewer of life’s fleetingness.
In ‘Latern Light II’ the artist embraces the background and moves from using figurative shapes to more abstract ones. Despite the ever-changing form of expression, the primary red not only remains, but is even more prominent.

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Latern light II                                                  Night light