Martin Askholm (DK)

Text/Translation GHA

Inspired by Disney sweetness and Japanese lugubrious folklore, Askholm uses catchy coloured sausages and ice creams icons to create elegant, minimalistic hard-edge pop graphics. 

Martin Askholm is a well known Danish visual artist and art teacher working with complex and abstract art. In his graphic works he mainly focuses on woodcut. 

Ironic titles of his works such as “Chocolate Sausage With Goo” presented by the artist indicate different meanings: being versatile, they can be eaten with or without sauce. In another artwork of Askholm, “Broken Dreams.”, the viewer is invited to think about a melting ice cream.

These objects seem to symbolise our everyday surroundings. As icons of pleasure and enjoyment they usually do not have a particular visibility. Focusing on objects such as food or cartoon- like figures he offers his ironic statements about our current lifestyle and sends a straight message to the observer when addressing elements of our popular culture.

Askholm creates the main subjects on vibrant coloured backgrounds with hues of blue, red, and dark yellow, reminiscent of an increasingly multicoloured and globalised society.

Martin Askholm


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