Mary A. Fitzgerald (IE)

Text written by GHA

Mary A. Fitzgerald’s abstract etchings feature boldly coloured shapes and patterns. Striking splashes of colour are brought together with childlike playfulness through a synthesis of various graphic techniques.

The Irish artist draws inspiration from everyday observations and turns them into ‘new abstract realities’. The scenery is defined by the dance of vivid blues, modest purples, naive dots and carefree lines, harmoniously complemented with the combination of different intaglio techniques. The fusion of etching, carborundum and drypoint methods intensifies the dialogue between the peculiar, often brushstroke-like shapes and the supporting textures, depicted with care and affection.

Mary A. Fitzgerald

It seems as if the movement of the gentle flow of colours had been captured into a single moment, frozen into one state. These momentary constellations now reveal their beauty and subtle details and are intended to present a unique emotional dimension to each viewer. The viewer is invited to lose himself in their own delicate flow of memories and thoughts.

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