Natasha Voronchikhina (RU/GR)

Text written by GHA

Russian artist Natasha Voronchikhina’s series of self-portraits act as ‘windows to the soul’, recalling ordinary morning experiences and snapshots of memory in a soft pastel colour palette. There is a comforting appeal to these acrylic paintings that serve to appreciate the charm of everyday life, grounded through routine.

The artist takes us through the early stages of her waking moments, revealing very sentimental details.

These everyday rituals are painted from an almost voyeuristic lens that allows us to  glimpse into the subject’s complex emotional state.

Objects posed in relation to the subject serve as insightful tools to explore the artist’s inner self as we witness her navigating the world. 

Natasha Voronchikhina

Eye contact is a defining feature of these works. The recurring subject’s face is partially hidden, but her gaze is consistently piercing as she looks outwards with a sense of calm determination. The eyes meet ours as we are invited to peer into these delicate insular moments. There is a theme of reflection within these pieces as the subject appears deep in thought. These mundane yet intimate settings ignite reflection on the part of the viewer also, due to the relatable qualities of these familiar scenes. 

There is a sense that in these moments the subject is overwhelmed and reluctant to face the day ahead. These mundane activities draw the viewer in, given our predisposition to such shared experiences of anticipation and morning rituals. The artist transforms simple parts of living into peaceful compositions in an attempt to find comfort in the uncertainty of the outside world. The immersive home environment of the subject drowns out this wariness through soothing colours, leaving the viewer at ease. 

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Self-portrait 2                                                         Watermelons