Oliver Pilic (SI)

Oliver Pilic (SI)
Text written by GHA

Slovenian artist Oliver Pilic crafts monochrome woodblock prints distinguished by his parallel linework, yielding optical illusions of multiple dimensions. He captures relationship complexity through harmonious interplays of form, colour, and emotion.

Distinctive and sharp lines define his artistic style, encouraging viewers to explore the captivating fusion of tradition and innovation, personal introspection, and external influence. Delineated forms guide our eyes through the pictures, characterising relationships between different elements within the artwork. His visual language serves as a vital storytelling device, directing attention to specific details and symbols contributing to the overall narrative.

Oliver Pilic (SI)

Collage-like elements introduce spontaneity and juxtaposition within the composition, contrasting with the precision of the woodcut. Viewers are invited to embark on an introspective journey into the enigmatic realm of self-identity. Pilic’s technique in his self-portrait harmonises craftsmanship and emotion, illustrating his ability to capture self-essence with striking  clarity.

A vibrant, yet balanced palette of either blue or grey infuses a dynamic dimension into the compositions. Intense hues convey the richness of human emotions experienced during the ongoing process of self-discovery and self-definition. Each stroke and contour serves a purpose, creating an interplay of forms that illustrate movement and expression. Pilic’s style blends realism and abstraction, where landscapes and figures in his artworks, rendered with precision. Subtly optical illusions are revealed adding depth to the pictures and leaving the viewer to explore them further.

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