Paola Lucrezi (IT)

Text/ Translation GHA

Inspired by literature and poetry, in her etchings Lucrezi depicts dynamic sceneries in which the human elements combine with the raw expressive emotion.

Paola Lucrezi’s artistic research starts from her reflection on the environment that surrounds us, to which she incorporates suggestions derived from poetry and literature. Lucrezi’s etchings on zinc plates for Mini Maxi Print 2020 are part of the series Darkness makes things huge, followed by a poem written by Lucrezi herself, in which she ponders about creativity and fear.

Inspired by literature and poetry, Lucrezi prestens dynamic sceneries and raw expressive emotions in which the viewers can distinguish parts of human bodies and hints to literature and poetic outlines.

The Italian artist, guided by suggestions and vivid imagination, integrates and combines figurative and abstract elements to create a puzzled image where fragments lap over each other and blend together.In her works Lucrezi confronts the viewers with expressive figures and invites the audience to look closer to discover the intricate narrative of the image and find their own interpretation of the challenging images .

Paola Lucrezi


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