Pawel Bińczycki (PL)

Text/Translation GHA

Paweł Bińczycki is a recognized graphic artist known for his accurate craftsmanship. His prints are based on black and white patterns that mesmerize the viewer with their endlessness.

Nature and its resources are the main topics which the artist merges. Animals, humans and other living creatures are represented in Bińczycki’s artworks as protagonists. By discovering the relation between them, he creates a dreamlike atmosphere empowered by geometrical patterns combined with shadows.

With a precise feeling of volume and depth, Paweł comprises in his graphics the spaces that create an optical illusion. These series of monochromatic linocuts inspired by japanese culture represent a perfect combination of dynamic and repetition. The vibrancy of the prints catches the viewer and calls into the joyful flow of the collective unconsciousness.

In his printmaking, when paying attention to details, Bińczycki encourages the viewer to come closer and meet the artwork, analyzing its elements and even looking through it. The repetitive movement of fish streams emphasized by the use of dims, forms a metaphorical wave that swims over the artwork and conceives a feeling of continuation. His prints offer the possibility of falling into imaginary oblivion that transports to another world.

When working with linocuts, Bińczycki also embraces other themes, such as human bodies and elements from everyday life that appear expressive, though still accurate.

Paweł Bińczycki


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