Peter Dubina (DE)

Peter Dubina (DE)
Text written by GHA

Peter Dubina, a German specialist in wax-work cutouts produces bitter, nearly minimalistic silhouettes using layering as an ode to the process of change. The periodic transformation of shape and form in his subjects has become a focus for the artist. Faces and bodies in motion propose the effect of constant movement, while the use of layering creates depth between the uneasy contours and bodies displayed— not only does this control space but it equally rejects any notion of fluidity, trapping his subjects in time. It is obvious that a contrast in arrangement, as well as subject matter, is fundamental to the artist.

The use of shades in black and white bulk the work, lending perspective to his extensive arrangement of contorted bodies and forms.

A serial stream of silhouetted eyes pierce the seductive gaze, through which he discards any sense of normality. Ultimately, the viewer is confined to an unpleasant atmosphere. With this in mind, the artist utilises the theme of anonymity; his layering veils his subjects’ gazes and attitudes through blurred lines, tying them together as they interact through restricted space.

Peter Dubina (DE)

The stark subjugation of space and colour prompts the audience to fall into a composition occupied by distorted and concealed identities, one that challenges the human grasp of control.

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