Philipp Haucke (DE)


Philipp Haucke is a German visual artist and printmaker. His works are often the result of his detail-filled drawing series, in which the artist plays with the concepts of two-dimensionality and three-dimensionality.

In these drawings, Haucke employs the monochromatic spectrum of possibilities to achieve the illusion of volume and texture on a piece of paper.

The artist creates forms that resemble imaginary, floating geometric shapes, as well as microorganisms that appear to be moving on the paper.

When confronted with Philipp Haucke’s drawings, the viewer will surely be provoked by the unexpected complexity of the subject. The figures represented, at first resembling helpless newborn babies, slouch in sleeping positions.

Yet a further look reveals that their exaggerated saggy skin – brought to life through Haucke´s ingenious use of lines – and features, starkly remind us of elder beings.

Philipp Haucke

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