Piotr Czyż (PL)

Text/Translation GHA

Playing with the perspective, Piotr Czyż implements in his prints the shapes of human bodies. Monochromatic bright, almost neon colors bring to his serigraphy the elements of pop art.

Piotr Czyż is a young polish artist, who works mainly with printmaking. 
In 2012, he began studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, majoring in Graphics. From the second year of studies, he chose  Graphics – and specialized in Serigraphy . Since 2019, he has been employed as an assistant in the Serigraphy Studio.

Grasping inspiration from the field of pop-art, he creates colorful serigraphies that captivate the viewer’s attention. Bright neon colors intensify his artworks when showing fragments of human bodies with a erotic touch. Czyż plays with the perspective implementing the body shapes depicted from different angles.

Piotr Czyż

In his prints,forms and lines appear almost covered by a layer of transparency as the viewer is encouraged to take a closer look and observe carefully. Seduced by these colours and shapes the anonymous figures still withhold their intimacy  when presenting.

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