Piotr Szulkowski (PL)

Text written by GHA

Polish artist Piotr Szulkowski seeks to closely connect with the abstract shapes of nature and the various environments that host them. His approach to silkscreen prints is very delicate and this is also reflected in the natural shapes and environment present in his artworks. 


Szulkowski’s prints allow the viewer to immerse themself within an unknown universe through the details of his subjects. The artist combines the faint and delicate strokes of the background with the strong and sharp details of abstract figures. The colourful inhabitants of these worlds convey a sense of joy and peace, but the almost vast and desolate background instils melancholy and a sense of loneliness.

Piotr Szulkowski

The observer can find curious animals that come to life through colourful geometric figures, such as half moons, circles, stars and fanciful shapes. The vision of these colourful figures appears almost like kites in the sky and seems to invoke the childlike spirit of the observer. The artist thus contrasts the delicacy and lightness of the figures with the deep, mysterious background, but overall his works draw the viewer into a dreamy world that can create a connection between vast spaces and the creatures that inhabit them. 

The ensemble of these curious colourful figures and the delicate natural elements-like alternating with small abstract strokes present in this imaginary landscape conveys a sense of stillness and tranquillity that the viewer can identify with.

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