Sarah Buckius (US)

Sarah Buckius (US)

Sarah Buckius is an American artist and educator who lives in Northern California. She incorporates different digital means in her works such as video, photography and performance, highlighting the hidden labor in motherhood and the ongoing struggle for self-discovery.  

She creates photographic and video collages starting from the juxtaposition of videos repeated several times to form a larger composition, creating a motif with a blurred effect. The final result is a display of many blurry images or fast pace videos, capturing children playing or parts of the female body. Both thematics are closely related to motherhood.

The fast pace of the images, both static and moving, highlight the active role in the children’s upbringing and the exhausting rhythms of a mother’s life and parenthood in general, in the contemporary world.

Sarah Buckius

The parental labour today exceeds human endurance, physically and mentally. Parental efforts, most of the time, remain unspoken and unseen and sometimes  are taken for granted by society. At the same time, Buckius underlines the need for personal development and discovery. Behind this sacrifice and commitment that can be found in motherhood, the artist also detects the human essence of mothers and their need for existential exploration and redefinition.

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