Seiko Matsushita (JP)

Text written by GHA

Matsushita’s art practice embodies a strikingly bizarre aesthetics and channels it through photography.

The main protagonist is a woman interacting with animal extensions, wrapping them around her body and placing them over her eyes.

What emerges from the scenery is a strong sense of both curiosity and discomfort. The Japanese artist’s talkative and somewhat controversial works convey a strong sexual presence.

The pieces touch upon and subtly embrace elements of violence, thus creating an ambiguous appeal.

The repetitive motifs in the artist’s body of work are bird feathers, female figures and clothes made out of paraffin paper.

Seiko Matsushita

Despite the fact that the female figure is presented in interaction with a seemingly soft and innocuous inanimate object, the body language and the undisclosed face express a certain level of distress.
The tension in the photograph becomes clearer the more our eyes are drawn into it. Along with the reduced and soft colour scale, they give the pieces an oneiric atmosphere.
The photographic series is a reflection on our personal boundaries, blurring the line between dream and reality.


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