Sharon Baker (UK)

Sharon Baker (UK)
Text written by GHA

British artist Sharon Baker produces hyperrealistic black and white lithographs depicting  the interior of a typical cottage household. Even though Sharon used her own grandmother’s home as her primary source of inspiration  the viewer can effortlessly relate to the intimacy the prints radiate.

A recurring contrast between black and white is illustrated using the same colour tones across the compositions. The repetitive monochrome patterns create a perception of storytelling that invites everyone to become a part of the family’s background story. With her sublime shading skills, the artist conveys the actual textures and surface qualities of each object. Sharon’s vintage wall tapestries transmit the house’s nostalgic essence and are recognisable throughout many people’s homes.

Sharon baker (UK)

Geometric objects are intentionally organised and placed to imitate reality, leading the viewer to navigate within the house. A variety of private stuff per composition is indicative of the household’s socio-economic status and religion, engaging the viewer to investigate them. Sharon’s intricate and detailed approach creates an interpersonal connection between the observer and the objects. In her artwork ‘Grandparents’ a heavily decorated cabinet supports personal belongings such as photographs, a crucifix and books. The viewer briefly feels the need to grab and examine them.

Through a hazy and faded effect the compositions convey the process of remembrance insinuating a melancholic retrospective mood. Even the simplest corners of the house hold so many core memories; we tend to neglect how the smallest details constitute our individuality. Her artworks compose an homage to cultural heritage, emphasising on how essential it is for each individual to pass onto the next generation their personal stories and tales.

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