Sin Mui Chong-Martin (UK)

Text/Translation GHA

Sin Mui’s art aims to establish harmony between culture and nature, a purpose which the british artist has tried to achieve in her last works through the photopolymer etching technique. This allows her to experiment with light and water creating compositions with a sinuous sense of movement.

Her art is mostly based around nature. Natural and evocative scenes are shown in her prints, representing the constant changes that rule our world. While lifeforms such as rainforests take protagonism, she also experiments with abstract compositions.

Furthermore, her practice is also based on her travel experiences, memory and identity – she is highly inspired by the philosophical and spiritual basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a practice she learned through her stay in the asian country. Her creative process is also related to this spiritual approach, while attending simultaneously to body, mind and spirit. As a malaysian native, the phenomena of migration also resonates in her art. 

One can barely see the human or the animal trace in her immersive landscapes, reminding us of our insignificance compared to the immensity of nature. That also makes us think about the fact that the natur we are surrounded by shapes who we are as human beings, something that Sin Mui affirms categorically. But the impact is mutual – her works addresses the effects that our actions cause in the environment. 

Sin Mui Chong-Martin


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