Sini Kähönen (FI)

Text written by GHA

Working with watercolours and oils, Finish artist Sini Kähönen utilises red and pink hues to depict the human body in all its anatomical complexity and naked vulnerability. Kähönen’s subjects lose their sense of connection to their physical bodies, taking on spiritual qualities. Inversely, through her dismantled investigations of the human body, her subjects are reduced to essential biological components, organs and flesh.

Rather than these anatomical studies appearing logical or unfeeling, there is an intrinsically human characteristic to these works.

The monotone pink colour palette serves to highlight variations in skin pigmentation, resulting in a series of raw portraits that radiate sensitivity.

The gaze carried throughout these pieces is overpowering, drawing the viewer in to search for the depth and range of emotions that must be hidden beneath the surface.

Sini Kähönen

There is an air of mystery present as the depictions carry some universal or religious significance that the audience can match their own feelings to.

Kähönen proposes a broader picture through her portrayal of the body’s inner movements. The choice of muted pastel colours results in organs appearing soft and glittery. Even with the subtle use of darker reds, there is nothing repellent about these depictions. The artist takes on a lyrical approach to representing the anatomy by depicting the respiratory and digestive systems as beautiful. 

The sense of vulnerability running through these works is striking, as the subjects’ entire beings and deepest emotions are laid bare, radiating from their bodies and speaking directly to the audience.

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