Stella Pfeiffer (CH)

Text written by GHA

Working with site-specific installations and drawings, Stella Pfeiffer explores the spatiality of her given surroundings and the various supports she uses. 

The artist combines sharp saw-toothed lines with faint, delicate strokes and nuanced circles.

She constantly executes new abstract shapes using cut-outs, pencil, ink and partly with charcoal that completely take over the white background.

She plays with surfaces, giving them bumps and recesses, while experimenting with tridimensionality and light reflection at the same time. By doing so, she is able to add a dynamic and personal identity to her artworks.

Stella Pfeiffer

Various shades of black and grey are intertwined or placed close together on her canvas or paper surfaces of different sizes. 
In small formats as well as in her environmental installations, Pfeiffer focuses on creating experiences in which the spectator can dive in and get lost completely. A personal visual outcome emerges as the viewer’s perception gets directly involved, efficiently channelled through every stroke and shape.



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no title (from the series Rock Stone)                    no title (from the series Rock Stone)