Tarun Sharma (IN)

Text/Translation GHA

Based on personal experiences, Sharma’s art focuses on social and humanitarian issues. He documents situations of vulnerability to create social awareness and to spread empathy.

His work includes drawings, paintings, mezzotints, woodcuts, installations and videos.  Based in New Delhi, he shares a particular view of the indian society through his art in an attempt to spread empathy and solidarity. Empathy is, as he understands it, a common thread that can bind all Humanity. 

His personal experience with medical helplessness affected his way of understanding life. After suffering from asthma and being seriously sick for a long time, he started noticing suffering people in a way he never did before. Feeling deeply related to them, these subjects became the main theme of Sharma’s art. His approach is not based on pity, but on auto-biographical facts that turned him into a more perceptive and sensitive person. 

As the first steps of his creative process, the artist combines sketching with reading and writing in order to really understand the reasons and motivations that lead him to depict such scenes. Far from just searching for aesthetic value, the real purpose of his art relies on contributing to discuss topics related to the human condition that are not attended as much as they should, putting special attention to the experience of misery in all its possible forms.  


Tarun Sharma


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